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This week we slid 12 new quality graded comics up onto ICE for your consideration. A few highlights are posted below.


The ICE Feature Books this week hail from the Hamilton Mountain Collection:

The Hamilton Mountain Collection is a large comic collection amassed in the 1960s and early 1970s in Hamilton Ontario. The collection boasts impossibly hard Golden Age comics including Detective Comics #9 and Flash Comics #86.

This is the second posting onto ICE of comics from the Hamilton Mountain Collection. Along with the rare Golden Age the collection boasts large high grade original owner Silver Age and Bronze Age runs. We’ll be posting another batch of books from this collection next week.

Feel free to email us any offers or requests for more details on the Hamilton Mountain Collection.

  • An Off White to White pages CCG 8.5 Famous Funnies #214 featuring the classic Frazetta cover.
  • A Cream to Off White pages CGC 3.5 Avengers #1 featuring the 1st appearance of the Avengers.
  • A White pages CGC 9.6 Avengers #55 featuring the 1st appearance of Ultron.

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