Welcome to the international comic exchange QUALITY CGC AND CBCS GRADED COMICS FOR SALE
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All prices displayed are in USD

Return Policy:

  • All orders come with an unconditional 14-day return privilege.
  • All returns must be in the original condition the book was received in and must be accompanied by a copy of the invoice. Opened CGC cases are non-returnable.
  • You are responsible for the safe delivery of any returns. A tracking number will be required.



If you would like to sell your professionally graded and certified comic(s), ICE is definitely the place to do it. ICE is committed to bringing your book to the attention of a wide variety of buyers. All books sent for consignment must have a minimum fair market value of $75 U.S. Currently consignment books are added to the marketplace every Wednesday. You set the price, and if you want, ICE’s knowledgeable staff will give Sellers a recommendation based on current market trends. All books sent to ICE will be held for a period of 6 months and will then be mailed back at the Seller’s expense if unsold. In order to maintain an accurate and up to date inventory for buyers, it is required that Sellers agree to give ICE exclusivity on selling the book. At any point a Seller may contact ICE to adjust the price of their comic(s) (provided it remains at least $75) or requests to withdraw the book early. At that point it will be shipped back at the Seller’s expense.

Commission Schedule:

ICE will retain 10% of the total sale price as commission on consigned items.



ICE is dedicated to maintaining the privacy of our customers. To make an account with ICE you will be asked to provide your name, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address. This information is only used to ensure a smooth transaction process and none of this information will ever be sold or rented. In matters of legal recourse, ICE may have to divulge contact information to the authorities in accordance with Municipal, Provincial and National law.