About us

About International Comic Exchange

Welcome to International Comic Exchange – also known as ICE! Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada ICE offers a global marketplace where comic owners can consign and sell their own professionally graded comics, and buyers have the ease of purchasing from an incorporated company with no risk.

ICE is a very competitive site. We strive in upholding a mantra of “great books for competitive prices”. Holding true to this, you will be hard-pressed to find a listed book that is not done so at a fair market value. The most important asset for an online comic book marketplace in the internet age is having strong, quality books with reasonable price tags. It is in this aspect that ICE differs and competes with other leading online auction and consignment sites – we strive to list books for a price that we believe someone is willing to pay!

While ICE is an international marketplace and connects buyers and sellers worldwide, Canadian buyers and sellers will receive all the advantages that come with using a Canadian-based vendor:

  • Fast shipping
  • Cheaper shipping
  • Payment is Canadian funds optional to prevent losing money on converting to/from USD
  • NO border delays
  • NO duties on purchases

Americans can also rest assured that they will benefit with some of the cheapest listed books on the market. More than half of our sales are from American buyers, and they have all experienced:

  • NO duties
  • Fast shipping
  • Shipping rates competitive to other sites
  • Shipping which includes tracking

Whether you are buying or selling with us, feel confident that you are using a professional, incorporated company that caters to everyone. We hope you get everything that you’re looking for with us! Your feedback is always welcome.